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Report Standing Water or Mosquito Problem

Water that stands for five or more days is a potential mosquito-breeding site. By reporting standing water, you can help us locate these sites and make timely decisions on how to remedy the situation. Fill our the form below to report any standing water, or call us at 217-875-2722.

Report Dead Birds

The Macon County Health Department maintains a log of dead birds which can be tested and, if positive, could indicate the presence of West Nile Virus in the area. Please report only dead birds that have no physical signs of trauma and are either crows, jays or ravens. While West Nile Virus has been found in more than 250 species of birds, these are the most susceptible to the disease. To report dead birds, call MCHD at 217-423-6988 Ext: 1134.

The MCHD is limited on the number and type of birds that may be collected.* Only blue jays, crows, and robins in good condition will be collected. Birds that are collected must be “freshly expired.” (Birds that are missing eyes or have bugs crawling on them are too decayed for testing).

*Please note that birds are transported to another county for testing. There may be times it is not feasible to collect a specimen.

You cannot get West Nile Virus from a bird. The disease is spread by mosquitoes. Please do not bring dead birds to the MCHD.
If the bird you find is not a good testing sample, you may dispose of it by placing it in a plastic bag. While disposing of the bird, use gloves, a shovel or inverted plastic bag on your hand to pick it up, and then deposit it in the garbage. Dead animals should not be picked up with your bare hands.

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