Adult mosquito emerging from water

Throughout history, no insect has been a more significant contributor to human disease, discomfort and death than the mosquito. Mosquitoes are a serious threat to human health and comfort ranging from the transmission of arboviruses, like West Nile virus, to the annoying biting of the floodwater mosquitoes.

Mosquito control agencies provide early detection of disease threats to the public, in addition to reduction of the mosquito population. Integrated mosquito management practices currently employed by organized control agencies and endorsed by the CDC and EPA are comprehensive and specifically tailored to safely confront each life stage of the mosquito. Larval control through source reduction and environmentally friendly EPA-registered larvicides is prudent. When source reduction or larval control measures are deficient or when disease is imminent, the EPA and CDC have emphasized in a published joint statement the need for considered applications of adulticides by certified applicators trained in handling these specialized products.

Mosquitoes are already here and we are continually finding new imported diseases associated with them. We must be primed to respond to their threat. Disease prevention through preparedness has to be our agency’s primary focus.